Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Mantle

 This was supposed to be one of my first posts, but because it took much longer to get my paint stick flag made than I thought it would, I didn't get to it.

Over at The Lettered Cottage they were having a Summer Mantle Link Party, so I made plans to join up, even though I actually hate my mantle (not the decor, then actual mantle).  It's is 90s orangey oak, as you can see in the pic.  I have plans to redo, of course.  I think we are going to go dark.  I keep going back and forth between dark and light. 

I had a tentative plan to just flat out copy whatever Layla did w/ hers.  When I saw it, I loved it, but I thought it would be way too hard to copy.  I just didn't have anything close to the same as hers.  So I scrolled through the link party to get some ideas for my own summer mantle.  I do have some patriotic, red, white, & blue stuff, so I decided to go that route instead. 

One idea I saw there was the paint stick flag from dreamingincolor.  Here is hers:

Here is my version:

It took me forever to get this little guy made because apparantly paint sticks are a little harder to come by than you might think.  I needed 7, and I had 1 already.  I ran into Home Depot and was told I could have 2, because they were running low on paint sticks.  Then I went back the next morning and no one was at the paint counter, there were no paint sticks in sight, & KR was impatiently waiting in the car.  I actually had a few times like that--I'd go in to get some paint sticks & come up with nothing.  One time it was the same guy who had given me 2 before, & I was embarrassed to ask for more.  I went to the paint counter at Walmart twice, no one was there & I was in a hurry, so I didn't persist.  Finally KR got me 2 at Home Depot on his way home from work or something, then we were at Walmart together one night, no employees in sight, KR reached over the paint counter and grabbed like 5 or something!  I guess he was tired of me complaining about needing paint sticks!  Well now I know that when I buy paint I need to load up because I've seen some super cute things made w/ them!

BTW, I used book paper for the star because I love all the book page projects people are doing (like wreaths & such).  But, if you see it close up, it's kind of funny because it came from a medical book & you can see the word "overdosage" on it.

I also have some awesome stuff I picked up when Roberts Crafts closed their Sandy store in May.  Namely, the stars, big & little, and the red board thing.  I popped in 3 of my small stars, and put the big one over the mirror.  I got all of the stars, plus 3 more little ones for like $15 total I think.  They are fabric covered tin.  I've wanted big barn stars forever.

Here are the small stars--they fit perfectly!

Here is the big one--a little crooked :)

The bigger flag at the other end is from the DI Thrift Store, and the smaller one I made last summer just with scrapbook paper.  The red lantern came is from IKEA, but I got it from DI.  I think I paid $3, & at IKEA it was $3.99, I think.  Not much of a deal that time, I guess. 

Okay, there are a few other things, but I have written enough!  #5 is begging me to find her Dora doll right now. 

P.S. I missed the Summer Mantle Party.  Oh well.  I'll be linking up here:


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am following you now!

  2. Your mantel turned out great. I love the framed flags. Are those the thumb prints of your little ones? Please stop by www.laughloveandcraft.com and link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party! I'm your newest follower!

  3. i love it. i need to get a shelf so i can make a fake mantel haha