Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On blogging . . .

Remember the Seinfeld storyline about Kramer writing a coffee table book about coffee tables?  Here is a blog post about blogging.

I thinking blogging (my 3 weeks experience of it anyway) is totally fun.  I really want to share what I do, especially w/ all of the crafty/DIY/decorator bloggers out there.  It is really fun to be able to show projects that were inspired by (or copied from) someone else's blog.  The problem is I am really having trouble finding
the time to actually do it.  How do you experienced bloggers manage to find the time?

I think the interaction between blogs is fascinating, actually.  There is this whole interconnected web of blogs out there.  I was a history major, & I remember learning about female society at various time periods.  For example, in pre-Civil War America, women began forming "benevolent societies" like the "Ladies Aid Society" where they would do charitable work.  They also formed literary & music clubs, I think.  This info is just from memory.  I read a book for a class once about women in Pennsylvania in Colonial America.  It went into all this detail about the economy of women--meaning what kind of work they did to help support their families.  There was this whole women's economy where women traded & worked with and for each other that was separate from men's economy.  It is really interesting. 

I bring that up because I think 50 years from now (or sooner) I can see historians describing women's blogs as a place for women to interact, share ideas, earn money, etc., etc.  Link parties are genius, in my opinion, as is blog swapping and giveaways.  It is amazing to me how good women can be at marketing and promotion.  And, it is all so much fun.

I should say, I have no idea if there is the same kind of world w/ men's blogs.  And, of course, I know that there are many, many women who care nothing for home decor/crafting blogs.  But these blogs are mainly women's domain, and I think it's amazing how women have built up a whole little world here.

Okay, I also think there is a bad side.  That is the addictive nature of blog hopping.  There is just so much out there and so many people doing so many awesome things!  It can be so overwhelming!  I kind of feel guilty adding to the chaos of blogland.  I think it is all to easy to neglect more important aspects of my family life by getting caught up in blogs.  I have issues with figuring out how to best spend my time.  I really want to be a blogger.  I want to be part of the interaction and conversation out there.  But, in the 3 or so weeks since I started, I am finding it extremely difficult to figure out how much of my time should be spent on blogging.  Seriously, you have family to care for.  For some reason, every. single. day. kids want to be fed-- three times!!  Then you have to try to keep the house semi-neat--which in a family of nine is a HUGE job--I feel like it takes everything I have just to keep up!  (BTW, I don't give it everything I have, so I don't keep up.)  That's because I have to have to have to spend some time doing crafts, cross stitch, home improvement type stuff.  After all, that's what's fun about homemaking.  So . . . I spend time on the computer seeing everyone else's ideas, which as I said before is addictive.  You can spend hours going from blog to blog to blog.  I've done some cute things, but had no blog to show it to people.  So I started a blog.  Now I'm discovering how much time blogging takes!  Writing up posts, choosing pictures, editing pictures, linking up to parties. 

7 Reasons Not to Blog??
 Is it worth it???  I mean the time it takes (which honestly, could be spent doing more projects rather than writing about them.).

Right now the plan is to see.  I keep telling myself, "No pressure.  It's all about having fun."  But I do want to continue to do it even if it isn't always fun because I feel like I should give it at least 6 months before I bail.  Then, how much effort to I expend for promoting?  Do I really care if I get followers or comments or if I'm featured? 

I think that every few weeks maybe I'll post about my blogging experience.  Just to keep track of my evolution or progress on this new adventure.  If any other bloggers actually read this post, I would love any insight you have about blogging.  Any tips on balancing it all?  Is it really worth it?


  1. Well, obviously, I snatch my blogging time away from time I should spend cleaning! ; ) Seriously, blogging is probably the most important me time of the day. I don't feel sane unless I can take just a few minutes and explain my life or how I feel or what I'm doing. I love comments and followers. But even if no one comments, it makes me feel centered just to be able to write.

    P.S. I don't usually like craft stuff. The projects we do in RS all are actually really expensive. What I love about your blog is that crafting really is about using what you have to make something awesome, not going out and spending a small fortune to make something yourself that you could have purchased for less. Your blog makes me hopeful that I could do something instead of making me feel like I missed the boat a decade ago already!

  2. I really love your family!. Sure you're the proudest mum in the world ;))
    Have known your blog because an spanish blogger mum, she liked your ikea transfoming idea, and i do too. Go on with yor blog, i'm sure you can!