Friday, June 24, 2011

Holiday Banners

A few years ago, I made a bunch of holiday banners, which I gave away as a Christmas present.  I've always planned to make more for myself, but of course that hasn't happened yet.  I do have a "Happy Birthday" & 2 "Celebrate" banners which were kind of trial runs, but I still use them.  Oh, and I have a "Merry Christmas" one that I don't really like that much--which is why I made another one for the Christmas gift.  I was much cuter, but of course I don't have a picture of that one!

So it was really easy, & I know there are many ideas for banners & buntings out there.  All I did was cut out triangles of fabric w/ pinking shears to help prevent fraying.  Then I printed out letters from the computer & used them as patterns to cut out letters from fabric as well.  On some banners I kept the triangles solid & the letters various patterns and on others I kept the letters solid & the triangles patterns.  Then I used double wide bias tape to put it all together.  I've seen others use ribbon, which is so cute.

So I made one for July 4th, Halloween, Valentine's, Christmas, birthdays, & a generic "Celebrate".  My "liberty" banner (above) was made from an old bed sheet for the background fabric.

This Valentine's banner I actually sold to someone in Australia in my short-lived Etsy shop.  It was very cute.

I'll do another post w/ the other "Celebrate" & "Happy Birthday" banners.  I also have a cute & easy garland that I put up w/ the birthday banner that I want to show.

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  1. I remember you showing these to me. They are really great!

  2. The valentine banner is really nice. I'm not surprised that someone bought it. Would love to see the happy birthday banners you have made. If only to give me some ideas lol.